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City Hall Urk

The township of Urk has set the goal to completely renovate the existing city hall and to expand with a total of 2.000 m2 GFA.

The project is realized in three separate phases: construction of the expansion, renovation of the office wings and renovation of the management wing. Offices, a cafeteria and the library are housed in the new expansion. The existing building is now equipped with offices, city hall store and the management wing.

In the new building climate convectors with space arrangement are installed for ventilation, heating and cooling. In the existing building the heating system is maintained and the ventilation and cooling are arranged by cooling convectors.

A lot of attention was spent on the quality of the finishing touch of the contributed technology. This was mostly because the project was, for the large part, a sight installation.


Gemeente Urk





Gross surface area

2.000 m²


Nijverheidsweg-Noord 74a

3812 PM Amersfoort



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