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Hogeschool Rotterdam Academieplein

Herman De Groot Engineers advised and helped realize several projects over the years for the faculty of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences located on the G.J. de Jonghweg. Large scale renovations, expansion by new construction, adjusting several building parts to new functions and for replacement and large scale maintenance work.


Well-integrated solutions have been devised on the complex. An example of this is the housing of the laboratories in Building A. Because of the lack of sufficient floor to ceiling height and possibilities to fit shafts, the vertical air ducts are installed on the outside of the building in several places.


A major change of location took place for several education clusters. In the summer period of 2007, accompanied by some renovations taking place during the times the building was in use.


Construction teams tackled about 100 rooms in a very short period (the summer holidays), so that a serious restructuring of the data-cabling infrastructure could be carried out as well as other issues being tackled.


Also the multi-media library was completely renovated, involving moving the 160 workplaces already present and adding a further 100 workplaces


Hogeschool Rotterdam





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