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Hogeschool Rotterdam Museumpark

In 2002/2003 at the main location Museumpark, the main infrastructure for the climate control systems of the 12-storey high-rise building was renovated and an extension with a restaurant on the ground floor and an open learning centre on the 1st floor were created. For the modernisation of the main infrastructure, a conceptual plan was drawn up, aimed at the future.

In the original situation, the high-rise building had been fitted with a ventilation system on every floor and a cooling system with cooling towers was set up on the inner courtyard. In the new situation the ventilation system and the cooling machinery have been centralised on the roof of the high-rise building and the former plant rooms have been made suitable to function as a shaft. In order to prepare for higher internal heat loads in the future, space has been reserved on the roof for an extra chilling unit and the transport pipelines of the cooling system have been dimensioned to be capable of proving the maximum required cooling capacity. A part of the installation has been prepared for a sustainable energy concept.

The architectural design of the restaurant and the open learning centre were based on a completely visible installation. The infrastructure consisting of cable gutters, lighting, sprinklers, air ducts, pipelines carrying chilled water, air ducts and chilled beams was fully coordinated and well planned and inserted through the honeycomb beams of the structure. The open learning centre can accommodate approximately 250 students and is fitted throughout with chilled beams.

Between 2003 and 2008, various floors of the high-rise building at Museumpark have been renovated, where they have been given a transparent appearance and each floor has been given a distinct colour scheme. Because of the extensive presence of computers and their peripherals, a part of the renovated floors is fitted with chilled beams.


Hogeschool Rotterdam





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