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Hogeschool Rotterdam Pieter de Hoochweg

This monumental building belonging to Rotterdam UAS is situated at the Pieter de Hoochweg in the Historische Delfshaven. Because the building is a national monument, the architect paid a lot of attention to making the building suitable for modern day use by the students without affecting the appearance of the building.

A modern extension has been built, with which the floor area of the building has increased to 4,800m². The building is fully air-conditioned with climate beams, which are adjustable per room.

The lecture hall and the refectory are heated, cooled and ventilated by means of displacement ventilation.

The supply grilles are integrated into architectural banks and standing tables, which means they are barely noticeable.

To reduce energy consumption, the building is cooled by a thermal energy storage system in combination with a heat pump. The lighting has been fitted with a daylight regulator and switches on and off by means of presence detection sensors.


Hogeschool Rotterdam





Gross surface area

4.800 m²





Nijverheidsweg-Noord 74a

3812 PM Amersfoort



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