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Head Office Wereldhave Madrid

Wereldhave Management Holding B.V. asked Herman De Groot Engineers to investigate the climate installations of the head office of Wereldhave in Madrid, Spain.

The results of the research showed that the existing climate installations were outdated to such an extent that it was necessary that the total climate installations were replaced. The additional issue was the steep cost of the electricity consumption of the cooling installations, due to high daily rates for electric energy. By buffering ice for the cooling of the building at lower electricity rates during the night, a total of ± 45% was saved on the cost of electricity usage.

Herman De Groot Engineers designed the technology and the supervised the realization for this head office.


Wereldhave Management Holding B.V. te Den Haag 



Madrid, Spain


Gross surface area

3.000 m²


Nijverheidsweg-Noord 74a

3812 PM Amersfoort


T. 033 - 432 08 89



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