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Leids Academic Medical Center

Objective LAMC

The LAMC has set the goal to obtain GMP-facilities to be able to carry out gene-therapeutic research. The facility where the gene-therapeutic research will take place consists of a preparation center and two chemical laboratories each extended with support rooms and offices.

Research site

Considering the complexity of the GMP-facility concerning biosafety, a suitable area was sought-after within the LAMC. This area should be large enough to include space for technology while meeting safety and technological requirements. A total of seven possible locations have been studied, from which we concluded that the best location for the facility would be on the 10th floor. A technical room is located above this floor which can be used for all necessary technology and provisions.

Research for the to be applied technology

In cooperation with a student of the TU Eindhoven (University of Technology Eindhoven), Herman De Groot Engineers has done research to the technology that has to be applied within this facility. This research consisted of modelling and simulating the expected pressure hierarchy in the GMP facility for several technological concepts. Using the model that was made during this research, it was possible to set up a program of demands for pressure hierarchy in dust and germ poor areas.
By applying this model, it was possible to pre-build the GMP facility and hereafter design it. With this method Herman De Groot Engineers showed that this design could also be validated.

By applying this technological concept it was possible to achieve an important decrease in energy and operational costs. Herman De Groot has designed all technology, tended to the subsidy applications and led the realization of these GMP-facilities.


Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum 





Gross Surface Area

- cleanroom: 700 m²

- laboratory: 300 m²

- remaining scope: 400 m²


Nijverheidsweg-Noord 74a

3812 PM Amersfoort



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