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Multifunctioneel Centrum Tabaksteeg

In the centre of the newly build neighbourhood ‘De Tabaksteeg’ in Leusden, a neighbourhood meeting place was created. The objective of this meeting place is for all future residents to come together.

One of the buildings that is clearly a part of this ‘coming together’ function is the multifunctional centre Antares. In this versatile building several facilities are housed: 2 middle schools, a library, a community centre, a kindergarten, a day-care, and a sports hall. During the day as well as during the evening residents can be found here because of the diverse facilities.

Although the functions of the building asked for a large ventilation rate, there where almost no lowered ceilings present in which the installation parts could be installed out of sight. To extract the air vents from the sight on the ground floor it was decided to use a so-called ‘bubble-deck’ floor that is welded, so the air vents and ventilation grid could be embedded in the floor.

Next to the fact that the functions of the building asked for a large ventilation flow, they also made sure the occupation of the building was variable.

Therefore, from the energy point-of-view, the building was divided in multiple sections regarding the air conditioning and was demand-driven by means of a CO2-regulation ventilated on several parts.

To let the multifunctional building to radiate energy efficiency, the roof of the building is equipped with a moss-sedum, or in other words there is a ‘green roof’. Within this moss-sedum a solar panel system is installed, which will help generate the hot water for the showers in the dressing rooms of the sports hall in a sustainable manner.


Township of Leusden  



Leusden- Zuid


Gross Surface Area

8.300 m²


Nijverheidsweg-Noord 74a

3812 PM Amersfoort



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