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Rotterdamsch Lyceum

Het Rotterdamsch Lyceum is a secondary school in an imposing building dating from 1929 at Pieter de Hoochstraat 29 in Rotterdam-West and it is a national monument.

The building was expanded in 1939, with the addition of a couple of classrooms alongside the monumental entrance. In 1975, a canteen was built above the gym hall. At the end of the eighties, another five classrooms were added in a steel construction. With this project, the restoration in 2004, the emergency classrooms were removed and in their place a canteen was built, which contrasts with the rest of the building in its use of materials such as steel and glass.

Het Rotterdamsch Lyceum has been completely renovated technology wise.

Given the position in a high-risk neighbourhood, a concept system from Heras Security Systems, the AHCS system, was installed as a specific technique for the total security. The AHCS system is an Alarm Handling and Calamities System.

The fire alarm system, the burglar alarm system, CCTV and access control system are all connected to the AHCS and controllable from the porter's lodge. All students have their own access pass with passport photo and have access to the building. Anyone without an access pass has to report to the porter to gain access to the building.







Gross Surface Area

3.500 m²



Architectenbureau Arts & Crafts (België)


Nijverheidsweg-Noord 74a

3812 PM Amersfoort


T. 033 - 432 08 89



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