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The Vredespaleis ‘Peace palace’ in The Hague accommodates international judicial authorities, for example the International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of Arbitration, but also the prestigious library of the Vredespaleis and The Hague Academy of International Law, where yearly hundreds of law students from all over the world follow courses.

Because of the expansion of activities, which resulted in a lack of space, the former library building was demolished and a new building and library were built on the same location. The expansion of the building includes two reading halls with library, a book storage, a conference hall and a foyer.

Herman De Groot Engineers has undertaken all advice and design in the area of technology and building physics. Special attention is spent on the security, anti-electronic listening device, (wireless) data- and telecommunication and the audiovisual means.

Also the realization of the project was led by Herman De Groot Engineers.


Carnegie Stichting



Den Haag


Gross Surface Area

7.600 m²



Wilford Schupp Architekten (Engeland / Duitsland)


Nijverheidsweg-Noord 74a

3812 PM Amersfoort


T. 033 - 432 08 89



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