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Swimming Pool 'Aquamarijn'

The township of Den Helder has set the goal to develop the swimming complex ‘De Aquamarijn’ in a sustainable fashion. Herman De Groot Engineers studied the possibilities and feasibility of this set goal.

The results of the research show that it is necessary to optimize the isolation of the building. In addition to this, several sustainable energy solutions were researched, including geothermal energy in combination with a heating pump. Unfortunately this financially feasible combination is not realized because of political issues.

Besides having researched several sustainable energy possibilities, the following sustainable solutions were actually realized:

  • Low maintenance and extra isolated exterior;

  • HR++ glass and a good isolation of floors, facade and roofs;

  • Air recirculation with heat recovery ventilation;

  • Rinse water from the showers will be purified and re-used;

  • Water-saving shower heads;

  • LED lighting;

  • Use of solar energy.

Herman De Groot Engineers designed all technology for this swimming complex.


Swimming Pool Aquamarijn 



Den Helder


Gross Surface Area

6.000 m²



Wind Architecten Adviseurs


Nijverheidsweg-Noord 74a

3812 PM Amersfoort


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