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Swimming Pool 'Boxtel'

The municipality of Boxtel aimed to develop a new and sustainable swimming pool on the location of the former swimming pool ‘De Spetterhoek’ along the Schijndelseweg in Boxtel.

The objective of the municipality was to reduce the EPG (Energy Performace of Buildings) and CO2-emissions.

Herman De Groot Engineers has done the research in the possibilities and the feasibility of this objective. The results of this research showed that with optimization of the isolation of the building and energy saving measures in applied technology, these aims could be accomplished. The resulted in a reduced EPG of no less than 20%.

The new swimming pool consists of, among others: a competitive pool, multipurpose pool, toddler/pre-schooler basin (water playground), waterslide with plunge pool, a one meter diving board with diving pit, catering, conference room, and a drowning detection system in the competition and multipurpose pools.

Herman De Groot has designed all the technology for this project and led the realization of this project.


Township of Boxtel





Gross Surface Area

3.000 m²



AGS Architecten & Plannners B.V. te Heerlen


Nijverheidsweg-Noord 74a

3812 PM Amersfoort


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